Our History

Did You Know!

bayc has seen 6 Monarchs, 28 changes of Prime Minister and has been in existence since before:

Marie Curie discovered radioactivity

The first flight of the Wright Brothers

Einstein published his Theory of Relativity

Lord Baden-Powell starts the Boy Scouts

Suffragettes demonstrate in London

The Board of Education was established in Britain

Secondary Education was introduced

The Prevention of Cruelty to Children Act

The Pulitzer Prize was first awarded


bayc Timeline

1898    bayc founded by Dame Elizabeth Cadbury.

1910     Becomes Birmingham Union of Girls Clubs.

1914     Association based in Oozells Street, city centre. President Mrs Walter Barrow.

1920    Association based in Victoria Square, city centre.

1921     President Mrs George Cadbury. Members Council in place. Leaders Council in place.

1927    Mrs Joyce Cadbury in the Chair.

1932    Association based in Newhall Street, city centre.

1933    Association based in Summer Lane, Birmingham.

1934    President Dame Elizabeth Cadbury MA, JP.

1936    Association based in Dudley Street, city centre.

1942    Association based in Bristol Road, Edgbaston. Windmill House acquired.

1943    137 clubs in affiliation.

1944    Becomes Birmingham Association of Girls Clubs. President Wilfred Martineau.

1946    Becomes Birmingham Association of Girls and Mixed Clubs.

1948   50 Years Celebrations. 150 clubs in affiliation.

1952    Vice-President Mrs Joyce Cadbury.

1953    President Mrs Joyce Cadbury.

1958   60 Years Celebrations.

1959    Association based in Spring Road, Edgbaston.

1961     Becomes Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs.

1962    Postal Appeal first started.

1969    7 Part-time Field Officers appointed.

1973    Windmill House extended.

1974    First edition of LINK magazine.

1978    Mrs Joyce Cadbury celebrates her Silver Jubilee as President.

1979    Mrs Joyce Cadbury receives OBE.

1983    The Studio Barn acquired.

1984    bayc awarded Birmingham Civic Society Forward Prize.

1987    Mrs Joyce Cadbury retires as President. Mr Michael Cadbury becomes President.

1990    The Duke & Duchess of Gloucester open new wing at Windmill House.

1996    Central Youth Groups joins the bayc family.

1998   Associations Centenary Celebrations.

2006   Association based in Pershore Road, Selly Park.